CIMRex Campaign 2019: Successful science flights from cold Svalbard

 The two final days of the CIMRex campaign in Svalbard offered spectacular (and cold) conditions, allowing three long science flights. Read the blog entry by Samuli Nyman and Sampo Salo.

Animations of CIMR in orbit

 Animations of the planned orbit of CIMR, its coverage, and the synchronization with future EPS-SG "B" missions were prepared.  See "Resources / CIMR ORBIT (VIDS)"

CIMRex Campaign 2019: Saturday, 6th March 2019

  Andreas Stokholm, DTU Space, tells us what happened yesterday (06/03), and why there was no flying on the first day CIMRex was on Svalbard.

CIMR: put on new glasses

This animation shows the simulated CIMR sea ice concentration field, using a typical algorithm combining 18.7 and 36.5 GHz frequency channels, and compared to the resolution of SMMR, SSM/I, and AMSR2.

CIMRex Campaign 2019: 4th and 5th March 2019

 One post, two flight legs! The CIMRex campaign sucessfully arrived in Svalbard, via Greenland. Juha Lemmetyinen (FMI) and Sampo Salo (Harp Technologies Ltd) report. 

CIMRex Campaign 2019: Sunday, 3rd March 2019

 Sunday 3rd March we tested the instruments in flight. The actual science measurements of CIMRex start tomorrow! See "Read more" for extra pics.

An un-precedented sub-daily coverage of the polar regions

 CIMR's orbit configuration and >1900km swath width will offer un-precedented global coverage, and sub-daily revisit in the polar regions (including "no hole at the pole"). Read for more info and plots.

CIMRex Campaign 2019: Saturday, 2nd March 2019

  The CIMRex team is now in Iceland, busy installing the instruments on-board the Twin-Otter plane. Tânia Casal tells us more.

CIMRex Campaign 2019: An Arctic Microwave Enterprise

To support the CIMR mission, ESA flies the CIMRex airborne campaign, from 2nd March 2019 in Iceland, to 9th March 2019 in SvalbardTânia Casal (ESA Scientific Campaign Coordinator) introduces the campaign (read more!).

February 12th and 13th : MAG meeting #5

The CIMR Mission Advisory Group will gather at ESA ESTEC for the 5th time.

The results from the Preliminary Requirement Reviews (PRRs) from the two industry consortiums will be in focus, as well as further preparation of the CIMR mission and its algorithms.


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